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Teri Moïse was born on March 25, 1970 in Los Angeles in the United States. Of Haitian origin, it grows in the underprivileged district of South Central. Speaking English at the school and French at the house, the small girl has the chance to be bilingual. Teri is a pupil serious and brilliant, it decides after the college to make studies of economy at the university of Berkeley. At the beginning of 90, it leaves the USA and unloads in Europe, in Paris more precisely, or it studies the Letters in the Sorbonne in parallel of its job of au pair girl. But pretty Teri is smelled suddenly attracted by the music and brings out the electric guitar that his/her father offered a few years to him before and take courses of musical theory. She then sets out again towards California in order to integrate Los Angeles Musician Institute. Once its studies finished, it sets out again for Paris and settles there definitively.
She begins the writing and becomes chorus-singer. With the base author, it becomes interpreter of his own texts. At the end of 1995, it enters in studio in order to record its first album. A few months later, individual "the Poems of Michelle" are made hear on the French waves. Teri becomes increasingly famous and appears on all the plates TVS. The beauty of its style is rewarded besides by the Price Vincent Scotto in 1997. In 2000, it leaves a new album, gives some concerts to Olympia and share in the whole world for various festivals. Since Teri Moses was away from the world of music and does not intend to break new album. It will not happen because she committed suicide in Madrid in May 2013 at the age of 43.

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Singer Teri Moise
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