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Moire Emmanuel

Arianne Moffatt was born on April 26, 1979 in Quebec. Teenager, it is interested in the music and follows courses of song jazz in Cégep of the St. Lawrence where it obtains a D.E.C in music. In 1996, it takes part in a contest and arrives until finale. In 2000, it becomes chorus-singer for Marc Déry and gives up his studies to be devoted fully to the music. The following year, it turns with Daniel Bélanger who will encourage it to launch out in solo. It is thing made in 2002 when “Aquanaut leaves”. The public reserves a very good reception with this first test and Arianne is rewarded by several prices. With its second album, “The Heart In the Head”, left in 2005, Arianne Moffatt confirms all it although one thought of it and the jazz-magnet-folk-pop titles are connected with pleasure, making of Arianne a sure value of the French-speaking song.

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Arianne Moffatt
Singer Arianne Moffatt
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