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Moffatt Arianne

Richard Melville Hall, more known under the pseudonym of Moby, is the back small nephew of the author of the famous novel Moby Dick, it was born on September 11, 1965. He plays of the very young guitar and follows the punk movement of the end of the Eighties before launching out in the electronic music and more particularly the House music. He owes the beginning of his glory with the piece "Go", remix of the topic of a series TV, and records in the tread three albums. The public follows it and limp them of night resound of the echoes of its music. In 1996, Moby tries a return to the sources while leaving a punk album rock'n'roll which the public and the critic are sulky. Moby then takes retreat compared to the music and, except a compilation, it does not leave any album during three years.

In 1999, finally the album of the return arrives: "Play", of old topics of blues given to the style of the day, the sales explode with the exit of individual "Natural Blues" and the rewards fall from the four corners of the world. Moby reiterates the exploit to conquer the world with its music in 2002 with the album "18" and its tubes like "We Are Made Of Stars". In 2004, Moby has fun a little with more centered music techno and dancefloor with the project "Voodoo Child" and the album "Monkey Baby". The great return in the vats of Moby under its pseudo to place in 2005 with the album "Hotel" to the two opposite styles that Moby qualifies to him even disc "songs" and disc "of environment". Still hours of happinesses in prospects.

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