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Ilona Mitrecey was born on September 1, 1993. A schoolgirl in Parisian suburbs, she was raised by her singer dad, Dan, and her mom, Sylvie with her brother, Nile and sister, Mailis. Very much the "go-ahead" type, she is attracted to extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding and hopes to become a stuntwoman, or even an actress, in movies. If her face does not say anything to you, you know already her voice since she has already sang publicly. She was not hesitant to return in studio to record what was one of the hits of summer 2005: "Un Monde Parfait." Her second single, "C'est les Vacances," was released in June and met same success. It is thus quite naturally that Ilona's first album was released in October 2005 and quickly garnered the love of the public.

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