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Mitrecey Ilona

Miossec, from its first name Christophe, was born on December 24, 1964 in Brest. It is impassioned very quickly for the music thanks to his big brother and assembles a group "Spring Black" which knows a honourable local glory. However at the beginning of the Eighties, Miossec stops the music to be devoted to its studies, to obtain its vat then between with the faculty of Brest in History. To earn its living, he writes articles for newspapers then goes up to Paris or he makes various odd jobs before working for TF1 as concept-writer. This life does not satisfy it fully and when it meets Guillaume Jouan, a guitarist, in 1994, his passion for the music takes again the top.

They leave Paris to settle in Brittany and works on the first album which leaves the following year: "To drink". The texts believed and disillusioned meets a success of regard encouraging and in 1997 the second album of Miossec "Kiss" is in the vats. Musics more present on texts always such percussion make it possible to widen the public. The dedication manages with the third album "To take". Its notoriety leads it to work for other artists: Johnny Hallyday, Jane Birkin, Cali or Axel Bauer making of him a required type-setter and his new albums receive each time a good reception. In "1964" album in reference to its year of birth it still delivers pure and carnal poetries to us. Let us guarantee that its next album will be same vein and will still give us shivers. With "L'Etreinte", vintage 2006 of Miossec, these is once again shivers that the artist gives us while making us divide sections of lives as it is one of rare to only know to tell.

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Singer Miossec
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