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Kylie Ann Minogue was born on May 28, 1968 in Melbourne, in Australia. To the eleven years age, it passes its first hearing and takes down its first role in an Australian tele series, "The Sullivans" then connects with the sitcom "Skyways". At 17 years, it leaves the school to be devoted to the trade of full-time actress. She is selected to incarnate Charlene in the series "Neighbours", the most famous series the tele Australian one. Thanks to this role, it gains many rewards, which confers to him an enormous popularity in its country and in England.
Since 1987, surfant on the vagueness of success, Kylie rubs with musical industry with a first Kylie album. This album is a succession of tubes: "I should Be so lucky", "The Locomotion" or "I do not know why". Even if the trade of actress always interests it, Kylie to find its way while exploding the charts whole world. It however continues to play in some films.
In 1991, it changes register, passing from the variety to the dance, which slows down its international career. But some titles gains an enormous success ("Where the Wild Roses Grow", in duet with Nick Cave, inter alia) In 1999, Kylie signs a new contract with the Parlophone label to organize its great return with the album "Years Light" and in 2001 "Fever" which with individual "the Can' T Get you Out of My Head" makes it return in the foreground of the international scene. The album is sold to six million specimens.
In 2003, it invades the air again and TVs in the world with his new album "Body Language". Unfortunately, the fine was struck by the disease shortly after (2005) and should move away from the media to combat breast cancer.
A true phenomenon of international scope and Kylie Minogue as one of the most popular women in the world, she took part in 2006 to launch a range of clothing for H & M and the development of a fragrance (Darling). Side music, it was not until late 2007 to find a new Kylie album resolutely dance "X". The promotion of this album goes largely in France, where Kylie is sponsor of the broadcast TV Star Academy 7. A real return winner for the Australian beauty..

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