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It is into 1997 that Mickeal Furnon (born on July 31, 1970), alias Mickey and Aurélien Joanin (born on November 22, 1978), alias Jojo create Mickey 3d, Najah El Mahmoud (born on October 7, 1977) integrates the group in 1999. After having surmounted some failures, in particular the album left in 1999, the group becomes finally popular in the area of Saint-Etienne, and gives an about sixty concerts which makes known them general public.

The Louise group Tackles participle with their success in their offering the possibility d’être their first part on a national round. Mickey 3d starts to be made a name in the French musical medium mainly thanks to its caustic texts and without concessions denouncing them through company. Their second album meets more success than the precedent with titles like "in Piscine” or "My Grandmother" who make tilt in the head of the public. The third album, "You Will not die Of Laughing" left in 2003 and rewarded by two Victories for the Music, that of the best album rock'n'roll and the best clip for the individual one "Breathes". The future of the trio seems assured and with their fourth opus, "Matador", who leaves in June 2005. Recorded on their own label, Moumkine Music, "Matador" comes at the right moment to revitalize the pop Frenchwoman and announces themselves already like one of the best albums of the year.

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