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Matthieu Mendès was born on March 7, 1982 in Arras and passes its childhood in the North of France. It starts to play of the guitar as of the eight years adolescent age then integrates its first rock'n'roll group inspired by the sounds of Metallica or Nirvana. The music forms integral part of its life and it is quite naturally that it directs its studies in this field and obtains a diploma for the occupation of sound engineer. Matthieu settles in Paris and works on the recording of titles which he wrote and composed. Its work interests a house of disc which proposes to him to record in 2005 its first album. On this opus, which is called quite simply "Matthieu Mendès", the young man delivers intelligent texts to us on a his rock'n'roll with the accents metal which allure the public immediately.

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Matthieu Mendes
Singer Matthieu Mendes
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