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Mendes Eva

Katie Melua was born on September 16, 1984 with You Bilisi in the ex-USSR. His/her father, specialist in cardiology, settle in Ireland when Katie is 9 years old then in 1998 in the Londonienne suburbs. It is there that Katie decides to launch out in an artistic career following its victory in a contest of televised song. It thus fits in a specialized school where it obtains a diploma equivalent to the vat in 2003. It is in this same school that it is located by a producer. It records individual "Call Off The Search" which makes a paperboard and is placed as of the first week in top of the charts. The first album, of the same name that the individual one, leaves in October 2004. Blending tasty jazz and blues worn by powerful vocals, the album finds its audience immediately. It must be said that, for a 20 year old girl, the beautiful shown on the debut of an incredible maturity. She returned in late 2005 with a second album, "Piece By Piece", a quality identical to the previous one on which it confirms all the good that we thought of it: A great singer was born. It is therefore not surprising to find the third opus, "Pictures" in the tops of the charts since its release late 2007, we must say that this album is just as tasty as the previous and the talents of Katie Melua, as if it was still possible, continues to gain in strength.

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