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MC (master of ceremonies) Solaar, from its true name, Claude Me Barali, was born Chadian parents in Dakar on March 5, 1969. Its family settles in Parisian suburbs whereas it does not have a year yet. After the vat in 1988, it studies the letters and the right. In parallel, it records, in an improvised studio, a cassette demo of three titles which convinces the Polydor label to invest on this young rappor. In 1990, MC Solaar leaves its first individual "Bulge From there". The following year the exit of its first album "Which Sows the Wind Collects the Tempo" propels it at the top because, contrary to his colleagues rappeurs rather violent one, Claude MC propose a writing worked out, on sensual grooves, never frantic. For this album, Solaar receives a victory of the music. Its second album, "Prose Fights", leaves in 1994.

It is sold a million specimens of it. A small chief of work illustrated by often engaged texts, against violence, on the topicality, the AIDS, the fachos, the war, ignorance. Third "Paradisiac" album, at the beginning of the summer 1997. Affirming that it "goes down from the wise man", untiring avid reader, Solaar build an atypical work of author patiently: whereas it moves away from the universe rap which saw it being born but that it for a long time transcended, it dreams of an album reggae for the year 2000 or, which knows, of an album where a symphony orchestra would accompany. It of it will be nothing and it is necessary to await at the beginning of 2001, with Fifth Ace, to hear new MC Solaar. With this album, it carries out the most important sales of its career. Decided well to remain on this impetus, Claude MC takes again the way of the studios in 2003 to leave Mach 6. The juggler of words, as he even says it him, continuous to fill with wonder us and remains a virtuoso of prose. The juggler of words, as he even says it him, continuous to fill with wonder us and remains a virtuoso of prose with his new album "Chapter 7" (2007) which proposes a voyage to New York to us.

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