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Julian McMahon was born on July 27, 1968 in Sydney in Australia. Large the brown dark one is the second child of Sir William McMahon, one of old the Prime Minister of Australia. Before starting its long career of actor, beautiful Julian studied the right to the university of Sydney but after having survived a first at the very least tedious year it begins a career from mannequin. In 1987, it ravels throughout the world, passing by Los Angeles, New York or Rome, Paris, and Milan... It becomes the egery of a mark of jean and appears in many commercials. It is pointed out and is seen offering a place in the series "Dynasty". After having worked 18 months on this sitcom, it leaves it for another "Home and Away" which will more make it know.
In 1992, it holds the principal role in "Wet and Wild Summer" then it leaves for Los Angeles in order to carry out all its projects. It plays then in many parts and films like "Another World" (1994), "Magenta" (1996), among others then appears with the casting "To profile".

Perfect actor, excel in all that it undertakes, it continuous his search towards glory and reaches that point with ease. The Cole demon in "Charmed" allures the men as well as the women, but it is especially the charisma of Christian Troy in "Nip/Tuck" which touches the public and fact of him a sex symbol.
Between two turnings, Julian surfing, kitchen... It likes baseball, football and the basketball and makes the collection of traditional books.
On the personal level, it was married two years with Brooke Burns with which it had a child, then it married Danni Minogue on January 2, 1994 but the couple does not hold a long time since they divorce in 1995.

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Julian Mc Mahon
Actor Julian Mc Mahon
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