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Ewan McGregor was born on March 31, 1971 in Scotland. Impassioned by the comedy and the theatre, it is registered as of adolescence in a school of dramatic art. Definitively piqué by the virus, it leaves to London where it is registered at the School Guildhall de Musique and Drame. Before the three years term, Ewan leaves the school to play in the series "Of Lipstick On Your Collar".

In 1995, whereas its career takes off, it marries Eve Mavrakis (they have two children together: Clara Mathilde, born in 1996 and Esther Pink born in 2001). In 1999 Ewan is retained by George Lucas to play the part of Obiwan Kenobi in the trilogy Star War. This role gives a new dash to the career of Ewan which is seen proposing roles in "Moulin-Rouge" (2001), "the Fall Of the Falcon Noir"(2002), "Big Fish"(2004) or "Island" (2005), proof of extended of its talent in such various and varied kinds. With of not doubting, beautiful Ewan does not have finishes astonishing us.

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