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Rose McGowan was born on September 5, 1973 in Florence (Italy) from an Irish father and a Franco-American mother. She passes her childhood to Italy, within a sect whose his/her parents are followers. At the time of the divorce of her parents, the girl leaves to settle with her mother with the United States, countries which she does not know and whose language is almost entirely unknown for him. The sectarian life that his/her mother continues to carry out weighs more and more on Rose and, at the 15 years age, it flees to fly of its own wings. The life is not so simple that a teenager could it believe and Rose McGowan, at worst the moment of its galère, is found in the street. But the girl with character and will, it take courses of comedy and starts to play in some telefilms.

Its meeting with Gregg Araki which offers to him its first role for the cinema in "The Doom Generation" in 1995 is a catch for the continuation of its career. The doors open all in front of the beautiful one and in 1997, it turns in "Scream". The same year, it makes the meeting of Marilyn Manson with which it will defray the chronicle during four years. In 2001, the producers of the series with success "Charmed" find Rose McGowan ideal replacing of Shannen Doherty. It is a new turning in the career of Rose who assagit and will remain during 5 seasons with the poster of the series. Since 2006, Rose McGowan joins again with the cinema while playing for Brian De Palma in "the Black Dahlia" then in 2007 in "Grind house" of Quentin Tarantino.

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Rose Mc Gowan
Actress Rose Mc Gowan
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