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James Paul Mc Cartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, in England, or it passes a studious childhood, rocked by the music at the rate/rhythm the lessons piano which it takes with his brother or in the concerts that his/her father with a group of jazz gives. Its desire for playing of the guitar takes it when it sees Lonnie Donnegan in concert in Liverpool, his/her father offers his first guitar to him. July 6, 1957, a friend of Paul, Ivan Vaughan, proposes to him to go to see the spectacle of Quarrymen. Paul accepts but was not so much to see playing the group, but rather because Ivan had said to him that it would be a good place to meet girls.

The history does not say if Paul met a girl, but it borrowed a guitar from Quarrymen and impressed the group with all the agreements and the words of "Twenty Flight Rock'n'roll". A few days later, Pete Shotten called to Paul who the other members of the group wished that it joins to them. It was the group which was going to become Beatles.
Initially guitarist, Paul started to play the low one for Beatles the day when them bass player, Stu Sutcliffe, left the group in 1961. Certainly the best musician among the four Beatles, he was also a type-setter except par. Throughout the career of the group, it primarily shared the writing of the parts with Lennon, which was the poet of the group. With a score of albums, compilations, films, tens of million albums sold in the whole world, Beatles became a myth.
Paul marries Linda Eastman in 1969, it is with it that it forms the group The Wings in 1970, which will be enormously success until the beginning of the Eighties. Thereafter, Paul concentrated on his career solo.
The title more played and most taken again in the world and a composition of Paul: "Yesterday", this title made of him one of largest fortunes of England. He spends the Nineties with a disconcerting ease, surfant on the styles but remainder always equal to itself.
April 17, 1998, Linda the wife of Paul since nearly 30 years, dies at the age of 56 years, exhausting Paul which returns in 1999, with Run Devil Run, then, in 2001, with Driving Rain. June 11, 2002, it Marie with the ex mannequin Heather Mills. Paul makes his return in studio in 2005 to deliver to us one of his best album since the separation of Beatles: "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard".

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