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Amélie Mauresmo was born on July 5, 1979 with St Germain-in-Bush hammer. Whereas it is only four years old, it falls under the charm from tennis by seeing Yannick Noah gaining its victory with the tournament of Roland Garros. At six years, his/her parents register it in its first club where it quickly shows aptitudes incredible for a girl of its age. In 1990, Amélie leaves in sport studies to Blois and improves its tennis while rubbing with players of its level. She quickly becomes the best of her promotion and starts to turn on the tiny tournaments. In 1995, it becomes professional and takes part for the first time in Roland Garros and is made eliminate with the first turn. But it only did not leave given, with its participation in the finale the Open one of Australia and its victory with Open Gas of France in 1999, Amélie becomes one of the players most dreaded of the circuit and connects since the victories.

Its perseverance, its motivation and its touched single ball by its power and its precision give to Amélie of the weapons which make of it a frightening player. In 2006 it rises at the head of the world classification during 34 weeks consecutive thus affirming its talent. In 2007, this large representing French sport that is Amélie Mauresmo is named chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

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