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Mars Melissa

Adam Levine (guitars, song), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Mickey Madden (low), and Ryan Dusick (battery) knew themselves in the middle of the years 1990 whereas they played of the rock'n'roll independent within a group of college named Kara' S Flowers. In 1999, the four boys engages a new guitarist (James Valentine) and changes the name of the group to name it Maroon 5.

The group Maroon 5 turns enormously in all United States and accumulates the compositions until the day or a house of discs proposes a contract to them. Their album "Songs About Jane" leaves in 2002. In a crossbred style néo-soul of funk, jazz and well on rock'n'roll the disc is a success in the USA, in particular thanks to individual "Harder To Breathe". In 2004, Maroon 5 tackled Europe with individual "This Love", large good their with took because they gained two NRJ music award' S "Revelation International Of the Year" and "International Song Of the Year". Waiting to hear the second opus of Maroon 5 will have been beneficial, since the group returns in 2007 with "It Won' T Be Soon Before a Long" album worthy of the precedent which the group describes as sexier and more extremely.

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