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Lene Marlin was born on August 17, 1980 in Tromsö in Norway. For its 15 years, his/her parents offered a guitar to him because they had noticed that it was very attracted by this instrument. It quickly learned how to play about it and, Lene started to write its own songs which it recorded on its chain.

Although Lene wrote songs as of the age of its 15 years with its guitar in its room, it did not think that a day it would have the occasion to record its own album. The history of its glory started when one day it plays some of its pieces to her friends. Very impressed by its musical talent, his/her friends come into contact with a journalist of Nrk Troms a station of local emission to Norway. The journalist contacts Lene to record a model that it sendings at the houses of discs. Three weeks later, Lene signs a contract with Virgin. Quickly the titles "Unforgivable Sinner" and "Sitting Down Here" become tubes and its first album "Playing My Game" is sold in Norway with 50 000 specimens in three days. The sales are also impressive in many of other countries of Europe or of Asia and Lene Marlin becomes a star international. It returns two years later with album which same success as the first bus too identical to this one and should be waited until 2006 will not meet to find Lene with a more pop album, "Lost In A Moment", which brings back the pretty headstock come from the cold on the front of the scene.

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Lene Marlin
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