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Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945 in Saint Ann (Jamaica) from a mother jamaïcaine and an English father captain in the navy which he never knew. It grows in the poor medium of the ghetto of Trenchtown with Kingston where it makes the meeting of another young person attracted by the music. In 1961, it records its first title which does not meet any success but Bob continuous to be invested in the music. In 1964, it melts with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, the group which will be known later under the name of "The Wailers". The group signs a contract with a house of production and starts to produce interesting pieces, but Bob, in search of spirituality breaks the dash of the group in 1966 while marrying then while leaving to work in the United States where it follows courses of theology. In 1968, feeling finally ready, it makes its return to the country and starts to be made a name in particular thanks to its texts engaged on topics like peace, the unit, social justice, poverty, the history of the African people, etc.

The group signs with the Island label and leaves its first albums at the beginning the Seventies. Quickly, Bob the principal type-setter of the group is pointed out and in 1974 it records its first album solo "Natty Dread" and even if the small pocket of the album always mentions Wailers, force is to recognize that the formation with enormously changed with in particular the departure of Tosh and Wailer. Success is once more with go and as from this Bob moment will not record any more but in solo. The album are connected ("Rastaman Vibration", "Exodus", "Kaya", etc.) and success is not lunatic. But in 1978, Bob Marley learns that it is reached of a cancer. It will trail its disease during three years without too much being concerned with it and continuous to occur in concerts and to record titles which compose its the last two albums "Survival" and "Uprising". On this last of the titles like "Forever Loving Jah" and "Redemption Song" constitute songs of good-bye of Bob to its public. It is on May 11 1981 which Bob Marley dies out in Miami, but its history does not stop with its death, because its œuvre is always of topicality and Bob Marley is always today carries it flag of the reggae.

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Bob Marley
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