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Sophie Marceau, from her true name, Maupu, was born on November 17, 1966 in Paris. In 1980, studious and voluntary coed, it seeks to gain a little pocket money by finding a job of summer and answers the advertisement of an agency of casting. She is retained among a thousand of girl to make a screen test in front of Claude Pinoteau which falls under the charm from Sophie and gives him the principal role in "Bang". In a film, Sophie becomes a star main road and propels film to the signal of the boxoffices. Two years later, it repeats with "Bang the 2" and gains César of best Female Espoir.

This success which one could describe as easy does not drop Sophie in simplicity, it wants to leave the mould in which the public could be tried to put it and radically changes register into returning in 1984 with the poster of "Strong Saganne", then the following year in "Police force". In 1985, it meets the realizer Andrzej Zulawski (who will give him a fore-mentioned child Vincent in 1995). After a incartade in the medium of the song in 1986 with an album (Certainty), Sophie centres her career on the cinema without however always meeting the recognition of the public and the critic. In 1994, it is asked by Mel Gibson to play in "Braveheart" what gives a new breath to its career which becomes international. She connects films, and allures the American public in "the World Is not enough", "the One Night Dream of Summer", etc. Parallel to its career, it is more and more often devoted to humane causes by supporting for example association "Arc in Sky" the purpose of which is to carry out the dreams of sick children or with the operation "Photographs of Stars" organized by Reporters Without Frontières. In 2002, after the birth of a small Juliette (the dad is Jim Lemley) Sophie passes behind the camera for carried out a more or less autobiographical film “Speak me about Love” to the mitigated success which does not prevent Sophie from remaining the most popular actress of France and to continue his career of actress while playing in 2003 in “I Remain” or” This Evening ". In 2006, the beautiful Sophie returns to incarnate a spy during the second world war in “the Women Of the Shade”.

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Sophie Marceau
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