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Laure Manaudou was born on October 9, 1986 in Villeurbanne where it grows and learns how to swim at the six years age. Attracted by water and swimming, it quickly shows capacities for this sport. It joined the club of Melun in 2000 and is involved very hard (2 times 7 km of stroke per day and many meetings of musculation) to reach the best level.

The results are quick to come, and within three years it beats 20 records of France. In 2003, she won a third place in the 100 m backstroke World Championships and wins his first international title. The desire to win is overwhelming and in 2004 she became the best French representative at the Olympic Games in Athens in obtaining 3 medals (1 gold over 400 m, 1 silver in 800m and a bronze in 100 m backstroke). Discovered by the general public Laure becomes an idol, but she keeps a cool head and remain focused on their sport, as proof, she became world champion in 400m in July 2005. In 2006, Laure Manaudou pulverizes the clock on 400 m (3'56 "09) and became the fastest woman in the world at that distance (she also holds the record in the World 800 metres). Woman of heart after the World Championships 2007 swim or she has won 5 medals and a new world record (1'55 "52 to swim 200m free), the beautiful Laure Manaudou decided to leave the french training center to be closer to his ex - fiancé, Luca Marin. Yet a few months later, it changes again life coming train with his brother to Ambérieux. Côté heart big change, too, because the beautiful leaves Laure Luca Marin for Benjamin Stasiulis, a young promising swimmer. Despite criticism, Laure Manaudou remains a great champion, it is proving to the European Championship in December 2007 by winning two wins and a new European record in 100 meters. Beginning 2008, in order to prepare more actively the Olympics in Beijing, Laure Manaudou made double blow by settling in Mulhouse, it is reflected in the same club as her boyfriend and trains under the leadership of Lionel Horter, a french best coach. There she is preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games. In addition she always swim under the watchful dazzled an audience captivated by its charm and talent who support once again for the Olympic Games in Beijing where it is hoped that our siren shine.

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Laure Manaudou
Swimmer Laure Manaudou
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