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Benoît Magimel was born on May 11, 1974 in Paris from a mother nurse and a father bank clerk. C’est at 13 years that the small wonder takes down its first role in the cultissime full-length film "the Life is a Long Quiet River". At this point in time wakes up in him an unquestionable passion for the cinema, it thus decides devoted to what will become for him a vocation, that of actor. It plays thereafter of other roles of teenagers, unfortunately unknown of general public, then is made multiple televisual appearances in telefilms such as "the Children of Lascaux", Maurice Bunio, "False friend", of Vincent Martorana, or in "the Wops", of Marcel Bluwal, or in "Long Course" of Alain Tasma who will be his ultimate telefilm for on the small screen in 1995. The same year the fans of Benoit finds it in "the Girl Alone", in whom it interprets the boy friend of Virginia Ledoyen.

Its charming face, at the childish sides, will put forward to him the role of young Polish in film of Florent Emilio Siri "One Minute of silence". Any other personality for very an other film ("Children Of the Century") in which it will incarnate Alfred de Musset at the side of Juliette Binoche and George Sand.
In 2000, the brilliance actor is well decided to be made a place in the heart of the French cinema, at this point in time find we it with the poster of "King Danse", "LISA" and "According to Matthieu". It is this same year that Juliette Binoche will give him a small girl, that the French couple more glamour will name Hannah.
After long years of work, l_actor to the face angelica is finally rewarded, it gains in 2001 the Palm of Best Masculine interpretation to the Festival of Cannes for his service in "the pianist". He flies since of success in success and will be in 2005 with the poster of "the Knights Of the Sky" and in 2006 in "According to Charlie" and "Fair play".

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Benoit Magimel
Actor Benoit Magimel
illustration of Benoit Magimel


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