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Christophe Maé was born on October 16, 1975 in Carpentras (France). He must to his father, musician amateur of jazz, his love for the music. As of the 6 years age it learns the violin and the battery. With adolescence, a disease immobilizes it Christophe Maé benefits from it to improve in song and to learn the harmonica inspired by the talent from Steevie Wonder. It creates its own musical universe with sonorities soul and rythm' N blues and occurs in small rooms of the south of France then goes up to Paris where it takes down the first part of artists like Seal or Jonatan Cerrada. It is there that it is pointed out by Dove Attia which him council to introduce at the casting of the musical "the Sun king".

Retained to interpret the brother of king Christophe Maé plays this part since the end 2005 and will finish in middle of year 2007. Being able to devote itself to its career solo it will leave this same year its first album on which Zazie with writing some titles and its election with the NRJ Music Awards 2007 as Meilleure French Revelation Of the Year will be a formidable springboard to launch a career than promising more.

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Christophe Mae
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