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Madonna, from her true name Louise Veronica Ciccone, was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, in the suburbs of Strait or it grows in a modest medium. His/her mother dies whereas it is only six years old. The new woman of its father wishes to bring a good education to him and the small Louise finds herself in pension in a catholic school. There, associating the sisters superhuman beings and thinking them thus famous, it decides that it will become good sister and by the famous force of the things. It gives up the idea to become good sister but guard at the head that to come celebrates, in 1978 it leaves to New York to try its chance. It exerts multiples odd jobs to earn its living before pointing out itself of the French singer Patrick Hernandez: it is its first step towards success. However, fortune is still not with return and to live, it makes some appearances with the cinema and poses naked for meetings photographs.

In 1981, it meets the new Yorkean DJ Mark Kamins which makes it return in the house of disc Lord Records Company. The following year, it records its first individual ("Everybody") which is a tube in the discotheques. In 1983 its first album leaves which propels it at the top of the international charts that it will not leave consequently any more. It connects the albums and is tested with the cinema ("Research Susan Désespérément", "Who' S That Girl"). The rewards rain on it, discs of gold, Music Awards and it maintains a bond with its public by organizing rounds marathon with the four corners the world.
After one period of mislaying at the beginning of the Nineties, Madonna reconsiders very strong the front of the scene in 1996 with the film "Avoided" in which it interprets Eva Peron, a legendary figure in Argentina. She also interprets the original band of the film "Don' T Cry For Me Argentina" which is an enormous success.
After this enormous success, Madonna makes a pause and a small girl with Carlos Leon: Heavy Maria who born on October 14, 1996.
On its return in the vats in 1998, it is metamorphosed, surrounded of a new team her music takes a turning different from what it had done hitherto. The album "Ray of Light" followed into 2000 of "Music" are the base for a new world round which it starts after the birth of Rocco born in August 2000 of Guy Ritchie that it marries in December of the same year.
After some experiments with the theatre and the Madonna cinema a new album entitled "Confessions One leaves The Dancefloor" at the end of 2005. As at each new exit that Ci is a success making it possible to Madonna to remain the female artist who sells the most disc in the world.

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