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Lohan Lindsay

Lio, from its true name Wanda Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, was born on June 17, 1962 in Mangualde (Portugal). Its family settles in Belgium in 1968. Brilliant, but somewhat rebel, the punk movement agrees to the girl perfectly and it launches out in the song in 1976 and chooses its pseudo in the comic strip Barbarella. In 1979, it records its first individual ("Banana Split") which makes a genuine paperboard and propels semi-sparkling girl on the front of the scene. Its discs are sold as rolls but Lio wishes to be tested with the cinema. In 1985 it turns in "Elsa Elsa" and shown there an unquestionable talent which will enable him to carry out face its two careers. The album "Pop Model" (1986) is a triumph with in particular the title "the Brown ones Do not count For Plums". Thereafter its albums meets a more confidential success.

Lio which overflows of energy and will occupies from its six child: Nubia, Igor, Esmeralda, Garance, Lea and Diego. Professionally, it in the long term carries out many projects like its role in "Marriages!" in 2004 or its last album "Said to Prince Charmant" left in 2006, in whom it shows a great sincerity and is very touching.

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