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Linkin Park is a group formed at the end of the Nineties in Los Angeles. The members of the group (Chester Bennington (singer), Mike Shinoda (rappor, guitarist, pianist, sound effects), Rob Bumblebee (beater), Darren "Phoenix" Farell (bass player), Joe "Mr." Hahn (DJ) and Brad Delson (guitarist) bring a whole a point of originality in the music of the group which is a mixture of hard rock, metal, rock'n'roll, rap and electronic music.

This originality makes it possible the group to quickly bore and to leave in 2000 a first album "Hybrid Theory" the name which the group carried to its foundation. The album is a success and propels the group at the top of the charts with the titles "One Step Closer" and "In The End" to be sold with more than 14 million specimens. In 2003, Linkin Park is awaited with its second album "Meteora" and does not disappoint its audience, proving that it is not a shooting star in the history of the music. After an album live in a 2004 ("Live in Texas") album in duet with the rappor Jay-Z Linkin Park returns in 2007 with new a opus which will surprise by its softer style. "Minutes To Midnight" while being different does not remain about it less one excellent album and its douzes titles should make the pleasure of their public.

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