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Ginie Line, was born on May 14, 1974 in Montreuil, but grows in Marseilles where it follows studies of hairstyle all while being devoted to its passion for the song. Its diploma out of pocket, it finds an employment in a hairdressing salon where it works during the day and the evening it occurs in pianos bars of the Riviera. It is one of these evenings or the chance smiles that it makes the meeting of a producer who engages it. Very quickly Ginie takes insurance and in collaboration with the pianist of the group, for the musics, and of its mother, for the texts, it creates for itself its own repertory. In 1997, it settles in Paris and proposes a model of its work who receives a very good reception. The following year leaves a its first individual "Simple Step", followed one year later of a second title then of a collaboration on an album of Florent Pagny.

Its work ends up paying when it is committed to play in the musical "the Ten Commands". In 2002, it records a duet with Ray Charles and leaves new individual. Two thousand three and marked by the first steps of Ginie to the cinema in "Alive" and share a series in concerts which carries out it to the four corners of France. The dedication arrives in 2005 with the exit of its first album solo "Play" on which, in a varied register, it proves the extent of his talent and the beauty of its voice to us.

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Ginie Line
Singer Ginie Line
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