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Lilliu Pierrick

Thierry Lhermitte was born on November 24, 1952 in Boulogne-Billancourt. Teenager, it follows courses of theatre with his friends of the college Pasteur de Neuilly: White Michel, Gerard Jugnot and Christian Clavier. After having played in various theatre workshops, Thierry and his friends melt the troop of Splendid. Thierry finds as some minor parts with the cinema ("As the festival starts", "the Waltzers") but it is into 1978 that success arrives with the first shutter of "Bronzed". Success continues with the continuation "Bronzed Ski" then with "the Father Christmas Is a Refuse". Become popular actor, Thierry increases his coast of love near the public while turning in "Ripoux", "the Total one", "an Indian In the City" or "the Dinner Of Idiots". With nearly a hundred film in its credit, Thierry Lhermitte with known to impose itself like one of the actors impossible to circumvent of the French cinema. In 2005, it is in the poster of "the Antidote" and Ex Femme Of My Life "before returning in 2006 with his buddies of the spendid in" Bronzed the 3, Amis For the Life".

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Thierry Lhermitte
Actor Thierry Lhermitte
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