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Leslie, from its truth Leslie Bourgoin, was born on February 4, 1985 in Mans. His/her father is mongrel origins Vietnamese and Wallisian, his/her mother is French. Small Leslie passes its childhood to Gabon from 6 to 9 years and to the Togo from 12 to 15 years what enabled him to impregnate African culture and to make of it an open girl. Of return in France, Leslie starts to sing as chorus-singer in a school of district near rappeurs. It is under these conditions that it makes its first scene at the time of a festival of the music. With his brother, the type-setter Little D, Leslie starts to work seriously. He sees in it an enormous potential and a formidable talent. Their complicity is whole in the texts as in the music.

At the beginning of the year 2001, Leslie is registered with the Graine emission of Star where it interprets a song of Destiny' S Child. It carries the high contest the hand what enables him to record its first individual: "the good choice". The title is sold with more than 200000 specimens, proof that the talent does not await the number of the years. An album ("I Am And I Will remain") Co-writing with LittleD will follow, one finds in this album a style quite different from all that had left before, a style which oscillates between R' B and modern Soul, that some describe as "soul urbaine".La success is once again with go, the career of Leslie is definitively launched. Become one of the references of Rythm And French Blues, Leslie returns in 2004 with its second album "My colors". In 2006, "the love In Flight", is the third opus of beautiful Leslie which shows all its maturity.

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