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Nolwenn born in Saint Renan, close to Brest, September 28, 1982. Even if it passed only little year to Brittany, it remains very attached to this area and keeps some share at the bottom of its heart the love of the sea and the Celtic legends. In 1992, his/her father, professional footballer, give up his family. The mother of Nolwenn with her two daughters settles then in Saint Yorre. It is at this period that, on the recommendations of its professor of music, Nolwenn learns the violin. With the thirteen years age it gains a contest organized by a large commercial sign and share for ten days in Mali for a humane mission which carries out it of Gao to Tombouctou. In July 1998 it is chosen by the Rotary drill Club of Vichy to leave in exchange one year to the United States, it leaves while knowing that it will not re-examine her grandfather who will die in November 1998. For Nolwenn the moment of this goodbye which is in fact a good-bye remains one determining moment of its life; it wrote a song besides on this topic.

This year in the east United States lasts since that means one year without seeing its family, difficult thing when one is sixteen years old. It is not simple but Nolwenn comes out from it stronger and completely bilingual. At that time in Cincinnati (Ohio), it will make small a two days training course in Performing Arts School (standard "Fame") which attends one of her friends.
It is on its return of the United States that it decides to take courses of traditional song and forsakes a little the violin. In fact Nolwenn sings since always but it thinks that it can improve and to have solid bases with the lyric song. With the academy of Vichy its professor the guide, then Nolwenn integrates the regional academy of Clermont Ferrand where it will not remain a long time because it likes all the musics and finds too much this universe partitioned.
In 2001, it integrates the Faculty of Law of Clermont-Ferrand, with the intention to make a diplomatic career to work with UNO or in an ONG. Parallel to these studies it works the weekend as cashier to finance courses of songs with Armande Altaï and the return tickets on Paris.
She takes confidence in her east decides to send a model for the casting of Star Académy season 2002, its first casting. Its candidature is retained, it finally will be able to appease its passion. It even says it it: "the music was always my priority. Even the guys always passed afterwards "After four months of work, shared day after day by million televiewer, it carries the victory.
This victory is followed of an album which meets a very great success then of a series in concerts which confirms the good sales of the album. The adventure does not make start since Nolwenn Leroy made its return in the vats with a second album ("Natural Stories") in December 2005.

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Nolwenn Leroy
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