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Lynda Lemay was born in Portneuf in Canada on July 25, 1966. It is impassioned very young person for the writing is written its first song ("Dad Es you Là?") at the nine years age. Thereafter, it is tested with the literature by beginning the writing of a novel, but its passion for the song catches up with it and it launches out in the composition.

It plays in the coffees of its area and gains in 1989 a price of type-setter author and interprets with the Festival of Granby which makes take off its career. It leaves its first album ("Our Dreams") in 1991 and conquered the Canadian public with its astonishing and original texts. Its conquest of the French public with place in 1996, following its meeting with Charles Aznavour who decides to produce it. Generous and attaching, Lynda approaches in its songs of the universal topics which like immediately. Since Lynda continues its history of love between France and Quebec with a more audience each day. "An Eternal Winter" left at the beginning of 2006, is the original band of a musical composed, put in scene and interpreted by Lynda. A pure moment of happiness ! At the end of 2006 Lynda Lemay leaves its tenth opus: "My signature" in which it marks a return to the source with a more acoustic music and texts always such engraved.

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Lynda Lemay
Singer Lynda Lemay
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