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Grégory Lemarchal was born on May 13, 1983. It grows almost normally in spite of a disease (the mucoviscidose, affections of the respiratory functions) detected as of its youth. However it finds a force additional to fight the disease by learning the lifting dance. In 1995, he becomes Champion of lifting France of rock'n'roll. But it does not stop there and takes part in 1998 in the Graines emission of Stars, without success, but it becomes a small high-speed motorboat in its area (Chambéry) and makes the first part of famous artist. In 2004 it is registered with the casting of the Star Academy 4 and is retained by the jury. It gains the victory finally but it is only the first stage on the way which will devote it artist to whole share. All starts today, because it will now be necessary for him to convince, with songs well with him, a public which will then become finally it his. The eyes are, appears it, the windows of the heart. Let us wish in Grégory always to light us this flame which shines in him.
Grégory Lemarchal is deceased on April 30 2007 of the continuations of its mucovisidose. It was 23 years old and leaves behind him a great voice which will have had alas only one transitory success. Thank you for your lesson for courage Mr Grégory.

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Gregory Lemarchal
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