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Claude Lelouch was born on October 30, 1937 in Paris. After a failure with the baccalaureat, his/her father, to give him one second chance a little further from the benches of schools, offers a camera and a small amount of money to him to traverse the world. He leaves to carry out reports in many countries, going until filming illegally in the USSR (When the Curtain Rises, in 1957).
During its military service that Claude Lelouch is integrated in the Cinematographic Service of the Armies, for which it turns seven short films. After its year of service, it melts its house of production "Films 13" and carries out its first full-length film: "the Characteristic of the Man". It is a true failure, but Claude is obstinated and in 1964 the critic and the public notice finally her talent with "a Girl and Rifles". Glory arrives two years later with "a Man and a Woman" who obtains the Gold Palm of the Festival of Cannes.

This dedication makes it possible Claude to connect films by cumulating the functions of realizer, scenario writer, director of the photography, assembler and actor. Faithful to some topics (loves, meetings, etc.) it privileges the human reports/ratios and delivers to us, in about thirty films, a pallet of characters overflowing of vitality, heat, grace and of a humour that only can cause the large directors of actors, Claude Lelouch is these.

L'amour avec des si (1962)
Une fille et des fusils (1964)
Les grands moments (1965)
Un homme et une femme (1966)
Vivre pour vivre (1967)
Un homme qui me plaît (1969)
La vie, l'amour, la mort (1969)
Le voyou (1970)
Smic Smac Smoc (1971)
L'Aventure, c'est l'aventure (1972)
La Bonne année (1973)
Visions of Eight (1973)
Toute une vie (1974)
Mariage (1974)
Le chat et la souris (1975)
Si c'était à refaire (1976)
Le Bon et les méchants (1976)
Un autre homme, une autre chance (1977)
Rendez-vous (1977)
Robert et Robert (1978)
A nous deux (1979)
Les Uns et les autres (1981)
E dith et Marcel (1983)
Viva la vie! (1984)
Partir, revenir (1985)
Attention bandits! (1986)
Un homme et une femme, 20 ans déjà (1986)
Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté (1988)
Il y a des jours... et des lunes (1990)
La belle histoire (1992)
Tout ça... pour ça! (1993)
Lumière et compagnie (1995)
Les Misérables (1995)
Hommes, femmes, mode d'emploi (1996)
Hasards ou coïncidences (1998)
Une pour toutes (1999)
And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen (2002)
11'09'01: September 11 (2002)
Les Parisiens (2004)
Le Courage d'aimer (2004)
Bzz... (2005)
God willing (2006)

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Claude Lelouch
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