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Virginie Ledoyen was born on November 15, 1976 in Parisian suburbs. As of the three years age, the small headstock haunts the film sets since it plays in multiple publicities and clips vidéos (the Aziza of Daniel Balavoine, Air Inter, Buitoni, Bledina, etc). She begins with the cinema, whereas she is only 10 years old, in "the Exploits From a Young Gift Juan" but n’obtient its first great role that in 1990 in "Mima" which brings good criticism to him and allows him to consider the continuation of its career in a serene way. Pretty Virginie connects turnings and is nominated for Césars on several occasions. She becomes the egery of Oréal in 1999. The same year plays the sides of sublime Leonardo DiCaprio in "the Beach". Its career takes an international scale but Virginia keeps the cold head and selects carefully its films while privileging before all the French public. It turns with Adjani and Depardieu or under the direction of Rapenneau and Ozon. In 2006, it will be with the poster of a Spanish film (The Backwood), an American (Holly) and a French (the Lining).

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Virginie Ledoyen
Actress Virginie Ledoyen
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