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Ledoyen Virginie

Matt LeBlanc was born on July 25, 1967 in Newton in Massachusetts. It decides as of the 8 years age to make career in the automobile sport, but a car accident pushes it to flee this dream. Moreover, his/her mother wishes that her Matti continue its studies, it thus ends up listening to the Italian mama and obtains a few years later a diploma of joinery.
But Matt is lost, to become carpenter is not what it hoped for. A friend him council then to try his chance in mannequinât. He considers this idea and leaves for New York. Success guaranteed, it charming and Italian charmer makes fury with NYC, one sees it in several commercials like that of Ketchup Heinz, or for Levis and Coca Cola. After these beginnings on the small screen as a mannequin pub, it launches out then in the theatre, then in sitcoms such "TV 101", "Signal of the Head", "Just the Ten of Us" and appears finally in the telefilm "Anything to Survive".

But it is by incarnating Joey Tribbiani, ingenuous and attaching young man in the series "Friends" that Matt takes down the statute of superstar. At the side of his/her marvellous playmates, Matt has fun like small insane and is made known in the whole world. Its career has been thus for several years with the signal of the signal. Many producers and realizers claim it, it thus appears with the cinema in "The Killing Box", "Lookin' Italian", like in "Lost in Space". But the true place of this beautiful Italian is of course on the small screen.

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Matt Leblanc
Actor Matt Leblanc
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