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Lavoine Marc

Bernard Lavilliers, from his true name Bernard Ouillon, was born on October 7, 1946 in Saint Etienne from a working father and a mother teacher. Fragile and sick child, his family moves in the countryside for his good being, before returning downtown so that Bernard enters to the college where he is not an assiduous pupil. With adolescence, it practises boxing, follows studies of metal turner and is sought as a singer. It is about this period that it takes part in its first spectacles.

In 1965, tired of its statute of workman, it leaves for Brazil and fall in love with the tropical rates/rhythms which will mark its music thereafter. Of return in France, it is regarded as unsubmissive people and spends one year in fortress to Metz. In its exit, it settles in Paris and occurs in cabarets. In 1968, it records its first album and sings in the occupied factories. In 1972 and 1975 two other album left which meets a modest success, but in 1976, its statute of high-speed motorboat is finally recognized when leaves the album "the Barbarians". Bernard makes packed room in Olympia and a great French round drains crowd massively. Its image of adventurer and rebel allures the public which in redemande. Between albums and rounds, Bernard Lavilliers trails since step badly years his santiags with the four corners of the world to bring back each time of new surprises to us, the last in date and his album "Pilot's remark".

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Bernard Lavilliers
Singer Bernard Lavilliers
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