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Lavilliers Bernard

Lavigne Avril was born on September 27, 1984 in Napanee in Canada. Autodidact, it learns how to play of the guitar and writes his first texts at 12 years while taking as a starting point his life. It occurs in some regional festivals where it acquires maturity, and meets the chance in the person of Antonio Reid, producer of RCA, which proposes a contract to him. Avril is just sixteen years old and does not hesitate to give up its studies to appease its passion. It leaves for New York and Los Angeles to record its first album "Let Go" which leaves in 2002, in full lolita wave that Avril hates. It, at the look except standard of "skator trash", piercing with the navel and songs very close to youth, is quickly able to be made a name and receives many rewards. Lavigne Avril knew to impose a style, been useful by its own texts and an effective rock'n'roll. After "Under My Skin" in 2004, it returns in 2007 with "The Best Damn Thing", album always as rock'n'roll for the beautiful one and more glamour as never Lavigne Avril which confirms all its talent.

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Avril Lavigne
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