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Lavigne Avril

Georges Lautner was born on January 24, 1926 in Nice from a father jeweller and a mother actress. It is to this mother that it owes her love for the cinema and after having followed studies of right, it is directed towards the cinematographic technique. Assisting on several films, it is tested since 1958 with the realization while directing its first film "the Kid With the Buttons". Without chambouler the world of the French cinema, George Lautner is made a name quietly and manages in 1963 to join together a beautiful skewer of actor to make a film become worship since "the Flingueurs Uncles". On dialogues of Michel Audiard, it puts in scene Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Francis Blanche, Jean Lefèbvre and becomes one of the pillars of the French cinema. The Sixties to 1992, Georges Lautner will put in scene the largest actors (of Belmondo with Gabin while passing through Rita Hayworth or Alain Delon) then will put a term at his career, released by the producers who as he says it him even with much humour "do not want a schmuck on the return".

Though it is, it leaves us already hours of distractions with the 38 films which he has with his credit :

La môme aux boutons
Arrêtez les tambours
Le Monocle noir
Le Septieme Jure
L'Oeil du monocle
Les Tontons flingueurs
Les Barbouzes
Des pissenlits par la racine
Le Monocle rit jaune
Les Bons Vivants
Ne nous fâchons pas
La Grande Sauterelle
Fleur d'Oseille
Le Pacha
Laisse aller... c'est une valse
Il était une fois un flic
Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles
La Valise
Les Seins de glace
Pas de problème !
On aura tout vu
Mort d'un pourri
Flic ou voyou
Ils sont fous ces sorciers
Le Guignolo
Est-ce bien raisonnable ?
Le Professionnel
Attention, une femme peut en cacher une autre
Le Cow-boy
Joyeuses Pâques
La Cage aux folles III
La Vie dissolue de Gérard Floque
La Maison assassinée
L'Invité surprise
Présumé dangereux
Room service
L'Inconnu dans la maison

Lavilliers Bernard
Lavoine Marc
Law Jude
Leblanc Matt
Ledoyen Virginie
Legend John
Lelouch Claude
Lemarchal Gregory
Lemay Lynda
Lennon John
Lenoir Noemie
Lerner Frederic
Leroy Nolwenn


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Georges Lautner
Director Georges Lautner
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