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Jessica Phyllis Lange was born on April 20, 1949 in Cloquet, in Minnesota. She studies arts at the University of Minnesota then the MIME in Paris. Of return to the United States it takes its first steps in mannequinât thanks to the Wilhelmina agency before being directed towards the trade of actress. In 1976, noticed by the producer Dino De Laurentiis it plays its first part with the cinema in the version of John Guillermin de King Kong. After having received several bad comments in connection with this film, Jessica took retreat and returned in front of the cameras only three years later in "the Angel of Death". But it is at the sides of Nicholson Jack in "the Factor Sounds Always Twice" that it really became famous. In 1983, its talent is recognized by nominations with the Oscars for two films: "Tootsie" and "Frances".

During following years, Lange is nominated with the Oscars for three films but it gains the prestigious statuette gilded only in 1995 for its role of woman émotionnellement unstable in "Blue Sky"
During its cinematographic career, Lange took several pauses to be occupied of his/her children and to play in plays.
Jessica Lange who even says it: "I do not make the kind of films which make the studios rich" carries out a life far from the world of the spangles in a ranch of Minnesota. Its last films have all be great successes like "Big Fish" in 2003 or Broken Flowers "in 2005.

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Jessica Lange
Actress Jessica Lange
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