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Diane Lane was born on January 22, 1965 in New York. She is the girl of the dramatic repeater Burt Lane and Colleen Farrington (miss Playboy’S October 1957). Supported by her father, it assembles as of the 6 years age on the boards with the new Yorkean experimental troop "Coffee Mama" which it accompanies in a European round.
In 1978, it meets success with the part "Runaway" with Broadway and triumph the following year in its first film "A Little Romance" where, vis-a-vis to Laurence Olivier, it manages to impose its freshness and its spontaneousness and captive the heart of the public and the critics.
It wastes some time in minor productions, before meeting Francis Ford Coppola, which becomes its mentor. It makes it play in two of its films in 1983: Outsiders and Rusty James, where it côtoie of future stars Hollywood (Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Nicolas Cage...).

She turns again under the direction of Coppola in "Knitting machine club" in 1984, and appears the same year in "Streets of fire" of Walter Hill, who is a great success.
She makes a pause in her career the three following years, which gives the opportunity to him to meet Christophe Lambert, who becomes her husband in 1988. They turn together in Love Dream in 1987 and Face to face in 1992 and take part in the super Chaplin production the same year. En1993 born his/her daughter, Eléonore, and in 1994 it divorces Christophe Lambert. Coppola directs it once again in 1996 in "Jack". Spoke continuation, it plays with actors as important as Sylvester Stallone ("Judge Dredd"), Wesley Snipes ("Murder has the White House"), or George Clooney ("In full storm"). In 2002, it divides the poster of "Inaccurate" with Richard Gere and receives for his interpretation the Oscar of the Best Actress. In 2004 it marries the actor Josh Brolin and turns in "Under the Sun Of Tuscany".

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Diane Lane
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