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Serge LAMA, from his true name Serge Chauvier, was born on February 11, 1943 in Bordeaux. His/her father is a singer who enjoys a good local reputation, but it does not manage to bore and decides to put a term at these activities of singer while hoping to see one day his son taking the changing. At the beginning of the Sixties, Serge writes his first songs and is registered with the small academy of Mireille. He sings in the Parisian cabarets and forges a solid reputation quickly what enables him to leave its first 45 turns in 1964. In 1965, a serious car accident comes to break its beautiful dash and it is necessary for him to fight during months and months to find its autonomy.

It reconsiders the front of the scene in 1967 by recording a title which makes France "the Red Balloons" and leaves its first album the following year. The Seventies are the LAMA years and it connects the tubes and the concerts in front of a conquered public. To the turning of the Eighties, Serge launches out a new challenge by writing a musical on the topic of Napoleon. The success is immense, but Serge finds himself captive of this role and its other productions pass unperceived until 2001. This year there, the exit of the album "Sheet feeder" gives a new breath to the career of this large catch of the French song to the thundering laughter and the voice surpuissante.

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Serge Lama
Singer Serge Lama
Serge Lama photo


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