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Lakin Christine

Before measuring one meter sixty ten eights, La Grande Sophie were small such as for example the day of its birth on July 18, 1969 with Port-of-Goat, beside Marseilles. His/her parents l’encouragent to practise the music and it is towards the guitar that it moves at the nine years age. It assembles its first group of alternative rock'n'roll, "Prohibited Entry", four years later. Its vat out of pocket, Sophie falls under the section sculpture of the Fine arts of Marseilles which it leaves two years without to have finished later her course, too devoured by its passion for the music. It goes up to settle in Paris where it sings in small rooms and is made a name within a network of musicians which appreciates its style.

In 1997 it records its first album, "the Large Sophie increases". The sales are not amazing (5000 specimens) but nothing any more can stop the young woman who leaves her second opus in 2001: "The Door Happiness". This album bears well its name and Sophie starts to fill of the rooms with her name at the head of poster. Public and media success arrives with "Courage" extracted from its third album "And If It were Me" in 2004. A Victoire of the Music comes to crown this success deserved well in 2005, year of the exit of the fourth opus of the Large Sophie entitled "the Continuation" always so energetic and rock'n'roll and to the texts more malicious than ever.

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La Grande Sophie
Singer La Grande Sophie
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