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Lacuna Coil is a group created in 1996 in Milan (Italy) initially under the name of Sleep of Right then of Ethereal before choosing its final name. The founder members of the group are Cristina Scabbia with the song, Andrea Ferro with the song and Marco Coti Zelati with low and in 1999, the group adopts the formation that l’on knows aujourd’hui with l’arrivée of Marco Biazzi to the guitar), Cristiano Migliore with the guitar and Cristiano Mozzati with the battery.

In 1998, their music largely inspired of the Gothic movement makes it possible the group to sign a contract with a house of disc and to leave in the tread are first album éponyme. Their symphonic metal gothic allures the public immediately and makes it possible the group to be exported out of the borders Italians and the group ensures the first parts of famous groups the four corners of Europe. Their album "Comalies" in 2002 is a true success greeted by the critic and the public which in redemande. 2006 however should be waited until to find the group, which with the exit of "Karma Code", striking a great blow and deliver a magic opus on which the crystalline of Cristina and rough voices of Andrea are perfectly misent in value by short but effective compositions with the low lines accrocheuses ones and with the saturated guitars.

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Lacuna Coil
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