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Lacuna Coil

Lamia, more known under the pseudonym of Lââm was born on September 1, 1971 in the 12th district from Paris. Exit of a large family, it undergoes a rather agitated childhood. Whereas it is high in Parisian suburbs, the divorce of his/her parents tears his family. Alcohol, poverty, and arguments are the daily newspaper of this small free-Tunisian. Whereas it is only 6 years old, Lamia is sent in a hearth. His/her father obtains the guard of his other brothers and sisters, and his/her mother disappears. She will re-examine it only twice in more than twenty years.

She finds in the song, and the music all the comfort which a young girl needs when she is abandoned of all. Only this passion does not interest it, it attends the benches of the school little and comes very close to delinquency. With the 15 years age, it is sent in a new hearth, in Bourges. They is low there which its exceptional way is noticed. It thus becomes chorus-singer for an orchestra of the area. It is then made register with the Workshops Song of Paris, or it passes a hearing which it makes a success of with brilliance. Following that, it connects the small jobs, waitress in a bar, singer in the subway, and various other things which do not enable him unfortunately to live suitably. Lamia and its friend live during this period in one 15 square meters, not profiting even from minimum comfort.
It is during one evening Hip Hop that the chance smiles to him. It indeed meets there two musicians who will change his life. Amazed by its stamp of way and its kind out of the commun run, they propose to him to make him meet Herve Benhamou owner of the label Heben Music, with which it signs a few days later.
It leaves first individual in 1998, "I have Feeling" but the title does not draw the attention of the public. While waiting for the exit of a new piece, it becomes chorus-singer of Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton. Approximately two months later, it leaves new individual "To sing for those which far from on their premises", are taken again of Michel Berger. This time Ci, the individual one is a paperboard, the tube is sold with a million and half specimens in less than 2 years. Lââm receives in January 1999 a diamond disc.
The French singers and public quickly accept this woman of an exceptional kindness. Its popularity does not cease increasing, and increases more when it makes its entry in the clan of the singers of the restaurant of heart.
It also joins Princess Erika to defend the children of the Third World, this cause: Wings of the Hope.
Lââm leaves thereafter a second album which meets a great success once more, "a life is not enough" runs out indeed with more than 100000 specimens in only 2 months. After a long round, and much of work, the singer puts herself a little at rest. She returns in 2005 with new a opus. Let us wish him success as many as before.

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