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Benoit Poher, born on June 27, 1979, singer; Florian Dubos, born 26 the Mars 1980, guitarist and chorus-singer; Fabien Dubos, born on June 03, 1978, beater and Nicolas Chassagne born on December 24, 1979, guitarist and chorus-singer met with the college in 1993. Poked by same passion for the music they decide to form a group.

Their name, Kyo, that they find in the universe of the mangas, means "its universal which governs the activities of the life". They start with were produirent in their school then in small Parisian rooms or they take again pieces of their favorite groups: "Pearl Jam", "Rage", "Nivarna", "Soundgarden", etc. At the time of a springboard rock'n'roll, Kyo is pointed out and signed a contract with a house of disc and leaves its first album little time after, at the beginning of 2000. Success is not with go but the group multiplies the first part of artist famous) Obispo, Indo-China, etc). In 2002 the second album of the group leaves, the individual one which gives him its name, "the Way" allures a large audience immediately. The sales take off and the notoriety of the group too. The group is rewarded with the Victories for the Music in 2004, where it raid 3 trophies. At the end of 2004, the group returns with its third album, "300 Lesions" more ends and worked in particular in the texts.

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