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LISA Kudrow was born on July 30, 1963 in Los Angeles (the USA) in an easy family. She follows studies of biology to New York and plans to become enquiring. Of return in California, it has a true revelation while seeing playing the theatre one of the friends of its brother. It decides to take courses of comedy and obtains its diploma in 1989 and starts to take down some minor parts with the theatre, in televised series and also in some small films for the cinema "Impels", "The Unborn", etc. In 1993, it obtains the role of Phoebe, nice a fofolle, in the series "Friends". In 1995, LISA marries Michel Stern (they have a son, Julian, in 1998). Thanks to its role in "Friends", LISA obtains some more important engagements for the cinema, in particular in "Sex And Other Complications" in 1998 or "Maffia Blues" in 1999. In 2003, the series which made LISA famous ends and the beautiful one is directed towards creation, the scenarisation and the production of a new series ("Come-back") which is born in 2005 and in which it holds the principal role.

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Lisa Kudrow
Actress Lisa Kudrow
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