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Diane Kruger, from her true name Diane Heidkrueger, was born on July 15, 1976 in Algermissen (Germany). Impassioned by the dance as of its youth, it leaves, teenager, in London to integrate the Royal Ballet. Following a wound, Diane must give up a career of dancers and turns over to Germany where it launches out in mannequinât. Its beauty makes a model with the signal of it and makes it possible to Diane to make interesting meetings, amongst other things, Luc Besson, who advises to him to take courses of dramatic art.

Diane Kruger settles in Paris, between at the School Floret and out of spring with a price of the best actress. In 2001, it makes the knowledge of Guillaume Canet (with whom it will remain married during 5 years and that ele regards as the man of its life) which offers the following year to him its first great role in "My Idol". After some films, the talent and the beauty of Diane make an artist coveted by Hollywood of it to play in various productions: "Troy", "Benjamin Gates And the Treasury Of Templiers", etc. It does not forget therefore the French cinema and will be in 2006 with the poster of the "Brigades Of the Tiger". In the space of a few Diane years arrived at the top of the poster and seems decided to remain there. In 2008, Diane Kruger will be, amongst other things, with the poster of the second shutter of the adventures of "Benjamin Gates".

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Diane Kruger
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