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Diana Krall was born on November 16, 1964 in Nanaimo, in Canada. Raised in a family of musicians, it learns the piano as of 4 years and intends the continuation of its life for a musical career. It obtains a purse to go to study with the academy of music of Berkeley, then becomes pupil of Jimmy Rowles in Los Angeles. After a short return to Canada, it is finally in New York that it settles in 1990 to earn its living while playing in a trio of jazz. Three years later, it leaves its first album solo: "Stepping Out" and becomes for the public one of the references of the song of jazz. It is true that Diana has very to like, its firm and soft voice at the same time, the rate/rhythm, the harmony and especially the sensuality which makes us travel until the end of the dream. It leaves several albums which confirm all its talent but it is in 1999 with "When I Look In Your Eyes" that its career explodes.

She is rewarded by Grammy for the Best Interpreter for Jazz and its titles pass on all the waves. In 2001, it leaves "The Look Of Love" which is sold to several million specimens and which it is largely rewarded in Canada at the time of the Victories of the Music. In 2006, for his return (after "The Girl In The Other Room", Co-writing with his/her husband Costello Elvis in 2004) with "From This Moment One", Diana Krall delivers a pointed album of recoveries to us, with the tonalities sirupeuses than the precedent, marking a kind of return to the sources which the amateurs of the beautiful blond will appreciate.

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Diana Krall
Singer Diana Krall
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