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Krall Diana

Anna Kournikova was born on June 7, 1981 in Moscow. It received its first racket at the 5 years age when his/her parents sold their television to Christmas to offer to him. With the eleven years age, it moves in Bradenton in Florida (the United States) to be involved with Nick Bollitierri. It represents its native land for the first time at the 14 years age and gains its first professional title the following year.
Its beauty does not leave indifferent the sponsors who pay all of the amazing sums to promote their products through the image of Anna. That feels in its play, and its place in the world classification will never exceed the 9th rank. In 2002, the Spanish good-looking young man Enrique Iglesias and Anna make knowledge and marry in 2004, they envisage to found a family together.

Residence: Miami, Florida, the USA
Date of birth: June 7, 1981
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Cut: 1.73 m
Weight: 56 kg
Pro since October 1995
Droitière, plays his reverse with two hands
Its mom is called Alla and her Sergei dad
She is graduate School of the Sports of Russia in 1997
She supports actively its first club, Spartak
She likes the dance, the reading and the music
Its preferred city is Paris
Its preferred tournaments are Roland Garros and Wimbledon
Its color fetiche is the black
She loves the animals, art, the fashion, the ocean and the beach

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Anna Kournikova
Tennis woman Anna Kournikova
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