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Kostner Carolina

In 1989 In Bakersfield (California), James “Munky” Shaffer (guitar), Reginald “Fieldy Snuts” Arvizu (low) and David Silveria (battery) form a small group which with the wire of the months and years takes importance on the local scene. Thereafter, Brian “Head” Welch (guitar) and Jonathan Davis (song) come to join to the group which changes name and becomes Korn in 1993.

The group leaves its first album the following year. This album, manages to give to the style of the day metal thanks to powerful sonorities and Cd is sold with 500 000 specimens. The first enormous success of the group with place in 1998 with "Follow The Leader", an album which moves away from the hard melodies of the beginnings and approaches even the rap on certain titles. The albums are connected and do not resemble "Resulting" in 1999 and very melody, "Untouchables" in 2001 gives a layer of melody to the preceding one and gives an album brushed metal, "Take A Look In The Miror" in 2003 is a return to the sources with more simplistic and accrocheuses musics. In 2004, the guitarist Brian Welch leaves the group, but that does not slow down the artistic heat of the group which leaves "See You One The Other Side" at the end of 2005 in the line the precedent but always also inspired.

Kournikova Anna
Krall Diana
Kravitz Lenny
Kreuk Kristin
Kruger Diane
Kudrow Lisa
Kutcher Ashton
Lacuna Coil
Lady Laistee
La Grande Sophie
Lakin Christine
Lama Serge


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