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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on September 04, 1981 in Houston, in Texas. As of its youth it bathes in a musical universe and towards the ten years age it assembles with four schoolmates its first group, "Girls Time". They pass even in an emission the tele one, but without continuations. However Beyoncé continuous to believe in the song and concentrates on the writing of words. The group changes name to re-elect "The Dolls" and the parents of Beyoncé put all their money available to try to launch it.

In 1995, new renaming for the group which becomes "Destiny' S Child". After years of baited work, the group is rewarded and signs its first contract. Their first individual "No, No, No" leave in 1997, it is a success followed by one 1st album éponyme. Their second album brings the international recognition to them. Destiny' S Child are with the signal of all the classification during the 4 years which follow, but Beyoncé which is the founder member and the leader wishes to have more independence and launches out in a career solo by recording first individual which is also on the Original Tape of "Austin Power 3". Encouraged by success it leaves its first album solo at the summer 2003: "Dangerously in Coils".
Beyoncé is an insatiable artist, it dreams to shine in Hollywood and a Oscar, must leave a line clothing and known as whom it owes to his success with A her family and the efforts that it made, but especially because it is talented. And of talents, it does not miss, the proof with its second album ("B Day") which it leaves in 2006, the day of sound ving fifth birthday.

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